How pricing works

Do you think its fair to pay the same amount of money for a Limo on New Years as you would any other day of the year?   We don't think that's fair either. That's why we don't charge a flat rate.

So how does our pricing work?

Your Limos Napa quote is personalized for you specifically. We base it off of the day of the week, the time of year, and the current state of the market. This floating pricing scale allows the Limos Napa staff to give you the fairest quote possible on any given day of the year. We want you to know that we opreate on what is called a graduated pricing scale. What this means for our customers is whenever there is an opportunity to pass along savings to you, we will certinaly do so. For instance, if the price of gas were to drop dramatically, instead of keeping our prices the same, we would pass along those saving to you and you would actually pay less to rent one of our vehicles. You also will find that we do not tack on any hidden fees. This whole idea is abhorrent to us because we look at our customers or potential customers as family and we want to treat people the way we would want to be treated. Contact one of our very friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents. They know all of the ways in which you can save and they will be more than happy to walk you through them and help you get the best deal that you can possibly get. Learn more about us.

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One major suggestion that we have is to ask the people you will be riding with to divide up the cost of one of our fabulous vehicles. You will be amazed at how reasonable the per person price is. We will help you make this happen. Contact us and let's talk about the possibilities.

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